Stainless steel washbasins

Washing bathtubs of a professional class, for catering units of medical facilities, food industry enterprises and public catering. Designed for processing food products, utensils, tools, as well as an auxiliary surface for installing equipment and inventory.

Washing bathtubs are manufactured using a technology that meets the most stringent sanitary standards and is used by us, among other things, for the production of products for medical institutions (operating units, clean spaces, etc.)
The frame of the bath (pipe 40×40 mm) and other structural elements are made of stainless steel (polished or ground surface).
Optional: 1 or 2 shelves, grid, piping, removable drip tray, etc.
The working surface is made of stainless steel with or without a side. Metal thickness – 0.8 -2 mm in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer.

The sink is square or round seamless, depth 170 – 250 mm (on request up to 500 mm). The sink is welded into a horizontal work surface and has no joint with it.
The estimated cost of the product depends on the materials used (type of AISI 430/ AISI 304 steel, thickness, design features).
Change of overall dimensions and design according to your request.

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