We are one of the leading developers and manufacturers of specialized metal furniture for medicine, dentistry, offices, sales areas, food industry and laboratories (cabinets, tables, sets, chairs, couches, shelves, etc.). We currently manufacture over 500 furniture models, and have been operating on market for over 18 years. All manufactured products meet international standards in the field of manufacturing quality, design, use of the latest materials and technologies, which is confirmed by certificates. The company has implemented a quality management system  ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System)

Our products are standardized in terms of functionality, standard sizes and comply with regulatory documents. ARKODOR has a full technological cycle of design and manufacture of products and, along with the manufacture of standardized products, design, manufacture and supply of products according to the special requirements of the consumer. A wide range of modern decorative finishing materials is used in the manufacture of products. You can see our products in the product catalog .

The production of metal products is carried out in a closed cycle. All raw materials and components are stored in specialized facilities that ensure that the storage conditions required by the relevant standards for materials and components are met. The production technology of products is represented by a number of technological areas At all stages of manufacturing products, constant technical control of the quality of blanks, assemblies and finished products is carried out.


Products range:

  • Mobile modules AR-3x.x (metal)
  • Furniture sets “ARKODENT” (metal)
  • Floor modules AR-xx (metal)
  • Chairs for medicine, Lab and Dental-lab
  • Top modules AR-5x (metal)
  • Mounted modules AR-Txx (metal)
  • Cabinets narrow (metal)
  • Cabinets large AR-Cx
  • File-cabinets (metal)
  • Lab furniture AR-Lxx (metal)
  • Exhaust hoods AR-LVxx
  • Dental lab furniture
  • Compressors and Air-boxes (metal)
  • Couch
  • Tables (chip plate)
  • Cabinets (chip plate)
  • Reception desks
  • Folding-screens Shelf stands (metal)

Fabrication of nonstandard furniture under the individual designs for offices, banks, Medical entities, mails, racks etc.

On specificity:

  • Drugstore
  • Food markets
  • Cafe and restaurants
  • Trade halls
  • Grain departments
  • Banks and offices;
  • Medical entities

Wholesale and retail deliveries of medical equipment, dental consumables. Complete equipping of hospitals and clinics.

Manufacturing non-standard furniture for individual projects for offices, banks, medical institutions, post offices, shops, etc.

The assortment also includes products made of chipboard and plastic:

  • medical furniture
  • dental furniture
  • laboratory furniture
  • furniture sets

< p style = “text-align: left;”> Materials used – laminated chipboard, fiberboard, high pressure plastic, aluminum profile, glass, including organic and polycarbonate, plastic, natural stone, polymer coated metal sheet, etc. .

The main advantages of our th products are:

  1. High quality. The furniture is manufactured according to the classic technology, which implies the manufacture of the furniture body from sheet steel and coated with a polymer coating, which gives the product exceptional strength, durability, reliability and high performance.
  2. A good combination of price and quality: production in the Republic of Belarus and Russia based on materials and technology of the European level. Our prices are 2-5 times lower than European ones.
  3. Unsurpassed aesthetics and design: meets the modern requirements of aesthetics, design, as well as practicality and versatility.
  4. The use of a wide range of colors of materials allows our furniture fit well into any interior – from luxury clinics to industrial premises.
  5. Multifunctional modular metal furniture covered with epoxy paint of high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance allows it to be used in all spheres of human activity: in medicine, in laboratories, in production.
  6. The ability to manufacture standard and non-standard equipment, taking into account the wishes of the customer.
  7. A wide range of ready-made solutions: island and wall kits in various configurations, kits for dental offices and clinics , workshops, laboratories, archives, offices and banks. Our furniture sets allow you to equip a laboratory or an office in a modern way, while maintaining high chemical resistance and hygiene requirements.
  8. A reliable metal structure that can withstand heavy loads, does not break, does not crack, does not crack, is resistant to water and dampness, drops temperature.
  9. Furniture can be equipped with a wiring panel, lamps, locks, bactericidal lamps and any other equipment you wish.
  10. Receiving products directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.
  11. Reducing delivery times to minimal and no overhead costs.
  12. All furniture is produced using exclusive technology developed by us.
  13. Monthly update of the assortment, you can always get the latest information on our website arkodor.ru .
  14. Availability of Hygienic Certificates and Certificates of Conformity of Russia and Belarus.
  15. Manufactured it meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015)